One Year With Our Boy

My son, Caedmon, turned one yesterday. And this post is more for me than anybody else.  I decided it was time to sort through my year of photos, and just marvel. Marvel and delight in the little boy who made me a mommy. The joyful, extroverted, musical, snuggly, adventurous little boy who has changed me for the better. This year with him has been a year of slowing down, becoming more present, more full of wonder, more receptive to the Father's love, and understanding the meaning of grace. What a gift. 

Fun facts:  his feet are the mini versions of Taylor's. His ears are my dad's. His nose is mine. His eyes have been a variating mystery color all year. He likes traveling, long hikes, sashimi, (like his parents). His current favorite song is "Bare Necessities". He is ever so close to walking. He absolutely loves people. The more the better.

Happy birthday, Caed! We are absolutely crazy about you, little man. Here's to many years and many more adventures! 

 And if you didn't know, his full name is "Caedmon Gale Alasdair McClendon". 

All of Gaelic/Celtic origin - meaning: wise warrior, poet, strong and mighty wind, father's joy, and defender of mankind, while I have breath I have hope. 

WARNING: This post contains way more photos than recommended to me for blogging. I just couldn't help my self. Truly. 


Michaella McClendon