Welcome to our page! We are Taylor & Michaella- a Hawaii based husband and wife wedding and portrait photography duo for the madly in love and adventurous souls. Our desire is for your experience to stretch far beyond simply receiving beautifully captured photos. We want to facilitate an atmosphere where you can be fully present in your moment, in your day, with the one(s) you love. And when you look back on the images you'll be surrounded by the feeling and emotion of those moments- to be relived again and again. We want to give you an experience, an adventure, but mostly- connection. As guardians of memory and keepers of story- we do not take our job lightly. We want to create art that your families will cherish as beloved heirlooms for generations to come. So friend, drop us a line and let’s get to know each other! Mahalo!

Husband and wife joyfully embracing.


Raised between the golden hay-bales and bramble woods of small town north Texas, you could usually find me barefoot and hair tangled on some adventure (knee deep in the red Texas mud or picking wildflowers) A deep sense of wonder and beauty has driven me to the arts my whole life. I became fascinated with photography at the age of 13, when my dad gifted my mom with an early model digital camera. (I soon heisted it- and dubbed myself our family's official photographer) Two years later, I attended "The Institute of Photographic Studies" intensive and somehow stumbled into shooting weddings thereafter. 

Woman with black hat in high grass
Man standing on rock in mountain


I was raised a Texas boy, accustomed to traveling: the sky my second home where I often fell most at ease. After finishing my BSBM in two years, I spent the next few years living over seas, Africa and then by car, through every single country in South America for over a year. After all this, I realized I didn't want to experience anything beautiful without someone to share it with. Then I met her. I began second shooting weddings with Michaella soon after our relationship became serious. After a few years of traveling the world and shooting weddings together, I started my journey in videography, where I immersed myself in the art of filming. I so enjoy working side by side with the love of my life; creating visually beautiful and life giving art.