A New Beginning | Our First Two Weeks Living In Hawaii


On January 7th of this year, we visited the Big Island for the very first time. Little did I know that I would be moving there 6 months to the day (June 7th) I first set foot. (Our first trip was indeed a "scouting" trip- but we had no idea the transition would fall into place THAT soon) 

2018 has been quite the progression of change. Once we officially decided in April to move- we set out to sell most our possessions. (Deciding to only keep our most favorite things- and aim for a much simplified life in Hawaii---I mean seriously guys, how DID we accumulate so much stuff in four years of marriage anyways!? Our Denver home was somewhat imploded) It was bad. And even when we checked our dozen bags on the Alaska flight two weeks ago- it still felt like too much. But now settling in, I am quite thankful for the special items we kept. Something about seeing special/familiar pieces in a new space. Especially when they remind me of the ones I hold dear. 

Okay...some of you have asked about the things I am here loving so far:

-First of all...Caedmon is thriving in his "little boy-ness" (Always plenty of dirt, sand, rocks, and bugs to play with) He is in love with the beach, in love with mangos from our tree, and obsessed with chasing around our colorful geckos roommates. (I may be over doing it with the naked baby pictures- but its truly the island reality around here people... (and only tourist's babies wear swim trunks/diapers at the beach) 

-The weather has been much cooler on our mountain than I anticipated. (getting down to 63 degrees most nights) Too bad Taylor convinced me to get rid of most my blankets and sweatshirts :P ("We're moving to Hawaii!" he said...."it will be too hot for such things" he said...;)

-Being able to walk down my road and gather all the avocados I could ever need. 

-Living next door to my darling sister Olivia and brother (her husband) Ike. (They are bomb, guys) The lanai across from our house pictured below is something they built together. (also Livey's wildflowers) 

-The dinosaur plants (pictured below- looking like oversized succulents) 

-The native Hawaiian are some of the dearest and kindest people I've ever met. 

-Did I mention our mango tree?

Anyhow friends, its been a really sweet adventure so far. Thanks for tuning into our journey.

We are definitely in the throws of learning new rhythms for day to day life. Replanting our photography business (which means for me: facing all my biggest fears and challenges...again... I WILL press through!) I so want to live with my eyes and heart wide open to the wonder and beauty all around. The awkwardness of starting over isn't forever. It can be a gift too. 

Anyhow, here we are for now. And I'm really thankful for that. 

I hope you enjoy these images of our daily sites- more to come soon! (when the rest of the house is finished;)

Big love and mahalo!


Michaella McClendon